Why is it controversial? Is it the same as a book?

Behind Her Eyes has just started streaming on Netflix, but viewers are already talking about THIS ending!

Why is the ending so controversial? And is it the same as the book?

Here’s everything you need to know about the ending that has its own hashtag – #WTFThatEnding!

*** Warning: spoilers from Behind Her Eyes ahead ***

Behind her eyes, Simona Brown stars as a single mom and divorced Louise (Image credit: Netflix)

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Ending behind her eyes: Why is it so controversial?

The ratings are in and the verdict is that you will either love or hate the ending.

The Hollywood Reporter describes the last two episodes as “stupid” and “ridiculously silly”.

The Telegraph’s Anita Singh describes the Netflix series as “implausible, extremely observable and a twist that will drop your jaw”.

In the end, she describes “the great revelation” as not very credible.

The Independent’s Annabel Nugent adds that she felt “foreshortened” as she watched “the bizarre twist finally unfold on screen”.

Rolling Stone magazine warns that the series has a “ridiculous conclusion”.

Basically, the series is insanely unreal and undeniably ridiculous, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it – it depends on whether it’s your bag or not.

Behind her eyes ends: is the same as the book?

Behind her eyes was the ultimate ‘Marmite’ book with a pretty crazy ending.

In summary, Adele, Louise and their friend Rob suffer from night terrors.

Over time, they will realize that these so-called lucid dreams enable them to trigger an intentional out-of-body experience (OBE) through astral projection.

Rob moves in with Adele and David – and is frankly confused by his love for David.

One night he persuades Adele to temporarily swap bodies with him.

Taking full control of Adele’s body, he murders ‘Rob’, dumps his old body into a well and blackmails David to stay with him.

That said, all these years later, when Louise meets Adele, she actually meets Rob.

And Rob … well, he’ll do anything to keep David to himself.

Including swapping bodies with Louise and killing her (as Adele).

David marries Louise, who fortunately is not aware of the body swap.

The book ends with Rob living in Louise’s body and planning to kill his predecessor’s young son, Adam, because “children are constantly having accidents.”

The Behind Her Eyes series ends with David and Louise getting married, although the boy’s death is hinted at.

Louise’s son Adam can feel that his “mother” is not exactly the same …

Tom Bateman behind her eyes on Netflix
Tom Bateman and Simona Brown behind their eyes (Image credit: Netflix)

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Netflix is ​​behind their eyes: what is it about?

First, Behind Her Eyes follows the single mother Louise, who is having an affair with her psychiatrist boss David.

Since her husband left, Louise has made her son her world and supported them both in their part-time jobs.

But all of that changes when she meets David.

David is young, successful, and charming, and Louise can’t believe a man like him would look at her twice.

But that all comes to a standstill when she meets his beautiful, elegant and sweet wife, Adele.

Finally, Louise becomes possessed by the flawless couple and becomes entangled in the intricate web of their marriage …

Behind Her Eyes will stream on Netflix starting Wednesday, February 17, 2021.

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