Why is John Corbett’s wife back?

Steph Corbett returned to Line Of Duty in the episode tonight, to everyone’s surprise.

Played by actress Amy De Bhrún, she was a key figure in the fifth series, but her story seemed to be over.

However, it was seen in today’s episode (Sunday, March 28).

Why was she there and what is her backstory?

Steph appeared in the fifth series (Credit: BBC)

Who is Stephanie Corbett in Line Of Duty?

Steph appeared in the fifth series of Line Of Duty.

She was the wife of undercover officer John Corbett and a mother of two daughters who stayed at home.

Knowing that her husband was often in danger thanks to his work, she seemed constantly nervous.

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At the beginning of the series, she was visited by Steve Arnott and Kate Fleming who asked their questions about her husband.

However, she tells them that she knows he is using his undercover job to commit adultery and wants nothing more to do with him.

She also says that she has not had any contact with him since he took office.

Steph Corbett on duty
Steph lied to Steve and Kate (Image Credit: BBC)

She was in contact with John the whole time

The reality was that Steph was in semi-constant contact with John thanks to a secret burner phone.

In one conversation, she tearfully handed the phone to one of her daughters so John could speak to her.

Her husband apologized for not calling as often as he should, but explained that he was on a dangerous mission.

It was also revealed that John directed Steph to tell Steve and Kate that she was no longer in contact with him.

John Corbett Line Of Duty
John had a vengeance on Ted (Credit: BBC)

What happened to Steph at the end of the fifth series?

In the fifth series, it was also revealed that Corbett – an excellent former Vice Squad officer – had a personal vengeance against Ted Hastings.

John was born in Belfast in 1979 and moved to Liverpool after his mother was murdered.

Anne Marie had passed the IRA information on to a young Ted Hastings who was then a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary.

The two were closely related until Anne Marie was kidnapped never to see her again.

Her body was finally found in 2001.

Gill Biggeloe convinced John that Ted was responsible for his mother’s death.

When Hastings found out John Anne was Marie’s son, he scanned some of the money Mark Moffat had given him from the Kettle Bell Complex investment deal.

We saw Ted feel guilty about John’s death and thought of Anne Marie to give Steph the money at the end of the fifth series.

Ted Hastings Line of Duty
Ted took care of Steph (Credit: BBC)

Why is Steph back in the sixth series?

Both Ted and Steve Arnott met up with Steph on the second episode tonight.

So this begs the question: why?

The real reasons are not yet clear, but maybe in Ted’s case he still wanted to take care of Steph and her two daughters.

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Steve had a history of disputes with suspects and witnesses (and pretty much everyone else).

Are Steph and Steve about to start a romance?

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