Why is? When is it on channel 4?

Strangers Making Babies is a new reality TV on Channel 4.

The show explores the apparent modern trend for platonic people to band together to have a child.

This new series, which is already controversial, will undoubtedly be a hot topic for debate.

How does the show work? And who are the so-called experts?

Here we take a look ..

What are strangers making babies all about?

Strangers Making Babies helps singletons desperate for a child to meet a potential mate.

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However, this is not a romantic staging, but a strictly platonic arrangement.

Two experts help bring potential co-parents together.

Will the women find a match? (Credit: Channel 4)

The matching couples then go on what appears to be a traditional date.

But instead of talking about their romantic hopes and dreams, they talk about the logistics of raising a child together.

The show then follows the progress of each couple.

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This four-part series was easily derailed by COVID-19.

Prospective parents filmed over the past year are forced to continue communicating through Zoom.

Who are the experts?

The women participating in the show are brought together on dates agreed by two experts.

The experts are fertility specialist Dr. Marie Wren and matchmaking expert Gillian McCallum.

Dr. Wren is the assistant director of the Lister Fertility Clinic in London.

To speak to Mail onlineDr. Wren said, “Society has changed so much.

Strangers make babies
The series continues despite being banned (Credit: Channel 4)

“People seem to have a hard time meeting someone to have a child with.

“Anonymous sperm donation is not ideal for all single women, and egg donation surrogacy may be an appropriate option for some men who wish to become parents, but co-parenting is a far better option for some.”

Gillian runs the exclusive matchmaking agency Drawing Down The Moon.

The London-based company has offices around the world and aims to bring together singles who are too busy for traditional online dating.

Baby co-parents
Co-parenting babies are a popular trend (Credit: Unsplash)

Do strangers really have children?

If we look at the thousands of children born from slingshots or one night stands, strangers making babies are not that new of a thing.

But the trend of relatively strangers joining forces on purpose to raise a child together is a new trend in the UK.

The trend has been called “co-parenting” and there are websites and forums devoted to this topic.

In fact, an estimated 70,000 people are registered on such online platforms.

Professor Susan Golombok has studied the emerging trend for several decades.

she said The guard: “It was a gradual realization that this was a new phenomenon that was picking up speed.

“The main question for us is how this relationship develops between parents, where there is no romantic relationship, with one another and with the child.

“Is the relationship breakdown rate higher or lower? Very early results suggest that how well parents communicate and work together to care for children seem to make a big difference. “

When do strangers make babies?

Strangers Making Babies will be on Channel 4 on Tuesday, March 23rd at 9:15 p.m.

The episode can be streamed on All4 after the first broadcast.

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