Why isn’t Caroline Flack’s friend Lewis Burton in the C4 documentary?

A new Channel 4 documentary, paying tribute to the late television presenter Caroline Flack, features contributions from people closest to her. Why is ex-boyfriend Lewis Burton missing from the document?

Lewis was dating Caroline at the time of her death.

He said he was “heartbroken” after she died of suicide.

Here is everything you need to know about the C4 document and why Lewis is not involved.

Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death will air on Channel 4, but her boyfriend Lewis Burton is absent (Image Credit: C4)

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Caroline Flack tragically committed suicide in February 2020.

The Love Island presenter was only 40 years old when she died of suicide on Saturday, February 15, 2020.

Caroline Flack: Her life and death documents her career and her struggle against mental health.

Caroline Flack C4 doc: Who is participating?

The raw and emotional tribute to Caroline Flack includes contributions from some of her closest family members, friends and colleagues.

A heartbreaking testimony comes from her mother Christine, who describes in detail her daughter’s previous suicide attempts.

Caroline’s twin sister Jody also attends and talks about the loss of her sibling.

Celebrity friends Olly Murs and Dermot O’Leary are also interviewed about their relationship with Caroline.

Caroline Flack and Lewis Burton
Caroline Flack celebrates her 40th birthday with boyfriend Lewis Burton at Bagatelle in Mayfair (Image credit: Splash)

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Why is Lewis Burton missing from the Caroline Flack C4 document?

Lewis Burton cannot be seen in the C4 documentary Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death.

Police arrested Caroline in December 2019 for attacking her boyfriend Lewis during an argument.

The Crown Prosecutor’s office brought charges, though Lewis wanted the charges withdrawn.

Lewis described herself as “heartbroken” at the time of her death.

In an interview with Telegraph.co.uk, filmmaker Charlie Russell explained his absence.

When asked the thorny question of why Lewis is absent, Charlie does not diplomatically mention names.

Instead, he says, “We were helped by a lot of people talking about them with a long camera …

“And we tried to help them speak through their grief in some way.

“But not everyone is at the right stage of grief to feel like they can talk about it in front of the camera.”

Lewis is now dating Louis Tomlinson’s sister Lottie.

They started dating in July 2020, five months after Caroline’s death, and went public with their relationship in October.

Caroline Flack C4 doc: Your life and death – what is it about?

Family and friends pay tribute to the TV presenter in an emotional documentary that celebrates Caroline’s life.

The one-off documentary hears from those closest to Caroline, including her mother Christine and twin sister Jody.

Celebrity friends Olly Murs and Dermot O’Leary also attend.

C4 Commissioner Lee McMurray says: “After working closely with Caroline in 2019, we agreed to make a film with her that tells her story and what it is like to live under the light of such an intense trial.

“Unfortunately this film is never made.

“We hope this project will be a testament to Caroline’s character, work and legacy, and we are deeply grateful to her family and friends for their dedication.”

Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death will air on Wednesday March 17, 2021 at 9 p.m. on Channel 4.

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