Wife Warwick Davis’ creepy battle with sepsis

Tenable star Warwick Davis’s wife once feared she would die after battling sepsis.

In 2018, Sammy Davis was hit by a trio of sepsis, meningitis, and strep B infections.

At the time, Sammy and Warwick, who have been married for nearly 30 years, praised the doctors and nurses who saved her after she nearly died after routine back surgery at Addenbrookes Hospital.

Warwick’s wife, Sammy, battled sepsis (Photo Credit: Zed Jameson / FameFlynet.uk.com / SplashNews.com)

What happened to Warwick Davis’ wife, Sammy?

In October 2018, Sammy told ITV News: “Sepsis was the worst and the best for me.

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“The worst is the pain, the post-sepsis, it’s not fun. It is really awful.

“But the best thing is, I got a second chance.

Warwick Davis wife
Sammy said she feared she was going to die (Image Credit: YouTube / ITV News)

“I was in the intensive care unit here and I was highly dependent [whose nurses] were fabulous but at one point I felt really bad and for four days I cried, not wanting to die.

“I planned my own funeral, I wrote my songs, you have really crazy thoughts.”

She continued: “Day five, [Warwick and the kids] came to me and I was out of my body. I could interact but I couldn’t, it was like I wasn’t there.

“I was like oh my god I go, I can’t help it, but I kind of got used to it, I had to accept it.”

Warwick Davis
Warwick with Sammy and their two children (Photo credit: Sue Andrews / SplashNews.com)

What else did Sammy say?

Sammy admitted that she thought about her “bucket list” and “regrets” in life, which was for not giving Warwick and the kids “enough time”.

She added, “On my tombstone, [it would have said] “I needed more time.”

Sammy said, “I’ve slowed down now, I’m a lot calmer. I won’t miss a second with my family. “

In the meantime, Warwick spoke of his wife’s terrible struggle for health.

He told ITV News, “The worsening you’re seeing in sepsis is pretty quick.”

What did Warwick Davis say about his wife?

Warwick talked about taking his wife to the hospital after she became ill after her surgery: “At that point we didn’t know how serious the situation was.

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“When she looked at Sam she had pretty bad flu-like symptoms and she wasn’t feeling well and there was possibly a small infection from the surgery she was having.”

Warwick also added, “Luckily Sam managed to get through.”

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