Will charity die after being knocked down by Cain?

On today’s episode of Emmerdale (Tuesday September 21), Charity has been put down and it appears she has a brain hemorrhage, but is she going to die?

In the scenes, Chas was frustrated when the power went out in the Woolpack. She couldn’t get anyone to fix the problem, so she and Marlon were forced to close the pub for the day.

She later went out with her son Aaron and his sister Liv, while Paddy secretly doped Kim Tate’s racehorse before the race.

The Woolpack is currently facing financial difficulties (Image: ITV)

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Marlon had gone home too and the bar was empty.

Little did they know, however, that someone was watching the pub, waiting for the opportunity to break in.

Emmerdale: Will Charity Die After Being Knocked Down?

Later Charity walked past the pub and noticed the front door had kicked in. Inside, a masked person took money from the cash register.

She contacted the police before going inside. However, she caught the person who took bottles of alcohol.

Charity confronted the intruder, but the intruder knocked her down and left her unconscious on the floor.

Will charity be okay? (Photo credit: ITV)

They soon fled and eventually Charity was found and taken to the hospital.

At the hospital, Chas told Paddy that Charity had a brain hemorrhage. However, it later emerged that Cain was the one who broke into the pub.

Aaron discovered the liquor and explained that Chas could get the insurance and he would return the stolen stuff.

However, he was shocked to realize that Charity was fighting for her life after knocking her down.

But will charity survive?

Will charity die?

It is unknown what will happen next to Charity or if it will survive.

PC Swirling gets suspicious (Image: ITV)

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However, in the scenes from tomorrow night (Wednesday September 22nd), PC Swirling arrives to investigate the pub robbery and it doesn’t take long before he gets suspicious.

Will he find out that it was Cain?

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