Will Gabby keep the baby?

Emmerdale character Gabby Thomas discovered she was pregnant in the episode tonight (Thursday February 18). But will she keep the baby?

A few weeks ago, Gabby spent the night with Jamie Tate. But after that he cruelly refused her and called their night together “a drunken mistake”.

Gabby discovered she was pregnant (Image credit: ITV)

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Subsequently, Gabby confided in stepmother Laurel that her period was late and feared she was pregnant. Laurel told her to take a test just to be sure.

When Gabby found that the result was positive, she was shocked and explained to Laurel that the father does not want anything to do with her.

Emmerdale: will Gabby keep the baby?

Gabby later went to Jamie and told him about the baby. However, Jamie urged Gabby to get a resignation.

Angry at Jamie’s reaction, Gabby went to his mother Kim and told him about her night with Jamie and the fact that she is pregnant.

Jamie didn’t respond well to the baby news (Credit: ITV)

Jamie returned to Home Farm and was upset to see that Gabby had told his mother about the pregnancy.

But Gabby stood by him and said he had no right to tell her what to do with her body and she was going to have the baby.

Emmerdale Spoilers: What’s Next for Gabby?

Next week, Laurel worries about her stepdaughter when she shocks Jamie by announcing that she is moving to the Home Farm.

Emmerdale: will Gabby keep the baby? Claire King reveals Kim’s reaction to pregnancy

Speaking to Entertainment Daily and other media outlets, actress Claire King stated that Kim is happy to find out Gabby is pregnant as it is another grandchild for her.

She said, “I think Kim would be really excited. That’s partly because she prefers Gabby Dawn. She doesn’t like Dawn.

Jamie has feelings for Dawn, but Kim doesn’t like them (Credit: ITV)

“It’s a different part of the dynasty too. Another grandchild for Kim Tate is that she can mold a manipulate into the Tate shape.

“Kim will be very happy about it. She wants to get rid of Dawn so that’s perfect. “

Kim’s decision to move Gabby to the Home Farm

She explained that Kim has a strategy and wants to bring Gabby to the Home Farm to take care of her. She said, “Kim gives her the opportunity to move in, decorate her bedroom, have friends, whatever she wants.

“This is Kim pulling the strings for Gabby.”

She added that she hopes Gabby, who is at the Home Farm, will push Dawn out of the picture.

She continued, “She’s hoping this gets rid of Dawn, but they’ll be foiled a couple of times in the breakup.

Claire revealed that Kim is excited about the baby news. But what about Jamie? (Photo credit: ITV)

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“So Kim has to work hard to do something not very nice, but that’s in the future.

“That’s what Kim wants, she wants Gabby in the house, she wants the grandchild, she wants Dawn out of the way and ideally she wants Jamie and Gabby together.

“Kim tries to trick Jamie into thinking he has to be with Gabby for the sake of the Empire.”

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