Will Harvey Gaskell be released from jail on Coronation Street?

In the aftermath of Coronation Street tonight (Monday, September 27), Imran’s ex-wife, Sabeen, wanted his help with an appeal for Harvey Gaskell.

Imran refused, but Sabeen reminded him that she knows what he was up to on the night of Kelly’s verdict.

Imran told his friend Toyah that Sabeen had asked him for help on a case but didn’t reveal that it had anything to do with Harvey.

Sabeen wants Imran to help with Harvey’s calling (Image: ITV)

Imran later told Sabeen that he wouldn’t help her since Harvey belonged in jail for what he did to Leanne and Simon, but what did he do to them?

Who is Harvey Gaskell on Coronation Street?

Harvey Gaskell made his first appearance earlier this year and is played by actor Will Mellor.

Harvey is a drug lord and the nephew of Sharon Bentley, Rita’s former foster daughter.

What did Harvey do to Leanne and Simon?

Last year, Leanne’s three-year-old son Oliver died. Devastated, she was taking time off from work while struggling with her grief.

Realizing they were fighting for money, Leanne’s eldest son, Simon, started working for Dev handling deliveries.

However, while working for Dev, Simon befriended another delivery boy, Jacob.

He made Simon deliver drugs and made him believe he owed them money.

Simon and Jacob worked for Harvey (Image: ITV)

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Eventually, Simon met Harvey, the leader of the drug ring.

But when Leanne found out about Simon’s delivery drugs, she was horrified and took his place to protect her son.

However, she decided to report Harvey to the police and started working with them.

Soon Harvey was arrested and taken into custody.

Harvey’s relationship with Sharon Bentley

Since Harvey had people outside and wanted to kill Leanne and Simon, they were all placed under witness protection.

Rita soon got a shock when her former foster daughter Sharon showed up at Weatherfield to put the past behind her.

Sharon Bentley on Coronation Street shoots horror
Sharon is Harvey’s aunt (Image: ITV)

However, it soon became apparent to viewers that there was another reason for her return – she’s Harvey’s aunt, and she was trying to track down Leanne and Simon for him.

To get Leanne’s friend Nick home, Sharon arranged the kidnapping of his son Sam.

Soon Rita’s former stepdaughter Jenny found out the connection between Sharon and Harvey and tried to warn Rita.

Rita set it up so that she was eventually arrested.

Harvey went to jail (Image credit: ITV)

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In court, Leanne decided to testify, but Sharon also gave up against Harvey and he was jailed.

However, when Harvey was in jail, Sharon eventually took over his company.

Is Harvey coming back?

It was reported that Harvey was returning and was involved in a car accident when his prison car crashed into Dev’s car.

Received in pictures from The sun, a wrecked car and van were seen on the set.

Also pictured on the set were Jimmi Harkishin, who plays Dev, Tanisha Gorey and Adam Hussain, who plays Dev’s children Asha and Aadi, and Michael Le Vell, who plays Kevin Wester.

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