Will Leyla Harding be held responsible for Leanna Cavanagh’s death?

Emmerdale fans predict Leyla Harding will be held responsible for Leanna Cavanagh’s death after police declare it to be an accident.

Wedding planner Leyla bought her stepdaughter a pair of very high heels for her 18th birthday party on the day of her death.

The audience watched Leanna fall on his heels as she tried to escape from the murderess Meena Jutla.

And while fans know the truth about what happened – that Meena murdered her by pushing her over the bridge – they think her ankle injury is blamed.

Emmerdale fans believe Leyla Harding will be blamed for Leanna’s death (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: will Leyla be held responsible for Leanna’s death?

Leanna’s death, classified as an accident, means that her ankle injury could be blamed for tripping and falling over the wall.

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And if that comes out, Leyla will be blamed for Leanna’s death.

One fan said, “If the truth comes out, could Liam actually blame Leyla?

“Falling back into Bernice’s open arms? Without the shoes and the sprain of her poor ankle, Leanna would have had a chance to fight after all. “

A second said, “Meena will penetrate everyone’s mind. Leyla’s fault: New high-heeled shoe caused Leanna to trip and fall. “

A third agreed, “Layla will get the blame from Liam for assuming she fell off the bridge because of those ‘killer heels’ and the story will go on and on and on as she kills and kills again. “

However, fans also discovered a fatal mistake Meena made during the kill.

Meena Jutla brutally murdered Leanna (Image: ITV)

Emmerdale fans discover deadly mistakes made by killer Meena

In Emmerdale on Friday, fans watched as police investigators searched the crime scene for any clues.

And during a police investigation, they’ll be sure to find traces of DNA on Leanna’s body.

Fans are now sure that it will result in Meena getting caught as she has no reasonable explanation for being all over the dead girl’s body.

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One said, “Meena doesn’t know about forensics because she left DNA all over Leanna, her room and the murder scene.”

Another said, “I have this theory – Leanne grabbed Meena’s hair just before she was pushed across the bridge.

“Hopefully she still has some in her hand and then MEENA WILL BE TOAST. #DNA “

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