Will there be a new series on BBC Two?

Motherland fans will cry in their Pinot tonight (Monday June 7th, 2021) when the comedy series comes to a bittersweet ending – but will there be a Motherland series four?

BBC Two viewers have enjoyed the third series of the parenting comedy since their return in May.

And some have even named Motherland “the funniest show on TV”.

We have to agree!

Julia and Liz are an unlikely friendship group – but it works! (Credit: BBC Two)

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Motherland series four: will it return?

A spokesperson for the BBC show announced that there is no news yet on a fourth series from Motherland.

But no news is good news, is it?

None of the cast have said they won’t be returning and the BBC would be insane not to put them back on track.

Motherland has a strong following and a lot of dreams.

It also has a small cast if the pandemic causes problems in the future and they had to film in a bubble.

Who will return in a possible fourth series?

Anna Maxwell Martin, who plays Julia, will return to Sky One in the second series of Code 404.

She portrays Kelly Major in the comedy, which also stars other Line of Duty actors Daniel Mays and Stephen Graham.

After that, Anna’s schedule looks pretty free …

Free enough to write a fourth series of Motherland, isn’t it ?!

Lucy Punch also has to return as the haughty Amanda, alongside Kevin from Paul Ready, Liz from Diane Morgan, Meg from Tanya Moodie and Anne from Phillipa Dunne.

Paul Ready recently discussed the possibility that his estranged wife, Jill, might show up one day …

He told RadioTimes.com that Jill could appear in season four.

Paul said, “I think it’s great that we never meet Jill because I think the whole thing about Jill is that she lives in the audience’s imagination.

“It could be very glamorous in some ways, or it could be the exact opposite.

“I said that to someone the other day… Every time a series airs, I take mine down the street with me [real life] Woman, she always says, ‘You think I’m Jill’.

“So maybe my wife could play Jill.”

Paul’s wife is actress Michelle Terry.

Paul Ready as Kevin in Motherland (Image: BBC One)
Paul Ready as Kevin in Motherland (Image: BBC One)

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Motherland series four: what could happen?

There is still so much to discover in Motherland.

Last but not least, the flourishing relationship between Amanda and Kevin.

Okay, okay, so we know Amanda is trying to forget that she ever slept with Kevin – twice! – but we would like to see more scenes between the two.

Viewers may also want to see more of Julia’s husband Paul, played by Oliver Chris.

Julia developed an unhealthy obsession with her builder Gary (Robbie Gee) that threatened her marriage.

But right at the end of the third series, Paul finally appeared in flesh and blood!

And we’d love to see more of Liz’s friend Sam the Farmer (Tom Meeten).

Of course, Joanna Lumley would always be welcomed as Amanda’s mother, and Anne has another baby to introduce to the world.

In the meantime, Meg got the all-clear from cancer, so she should be back on track in series four.

All of Motherland’s episodes from series first through third are currently available on the BBC iPlayer.

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