With its new #TheLuxeLife campaign, Tata CLiQ Luxury immerses the audience in the experience of “Slow Luxury”

Tata CLiQ Luxury, India’s leading luxury lifestyle platform, today announced the launch of its latest brand campaign, #TheLuxeLife. The film with Kalki Koechlin in the leading role highlights the thoughtfulness behind luxury shopping and at the same time promotes awareness of the platform. By drawing attention to finer elements such as craftsmanship, tradition and the value of a luxury shopping experience, the campaign introduces the concept of slow luxury, which is a natural extension of Tata CLiQ Luxury’s slow commerce branding philosophy and encouraging consumers who celebrate this concept. As part of a digital-first strategy, the branded film is extensively advertised through a large-scale campaign on digital platforms, followed by offline channels.

Consumers today look forward to engaging with brands and platforms that enable them to discover curated options that reflect their personal value systems and demonstrate their evolving tastes. In light of this zeitgeist, Tata CLiQ Luxury’s campaign highlights how it delivers a calm, immersive, and thoughtful luxury shopping experience by focusing on finer details like quality and craftsmanship.

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The brand film shows Kalki Koechlin indulging in the joy of slow luxury while taking the time to browse through the Tata CLiQ Luxury App and shops. The film interweaves the values ​​of prudence and quality and emphasizes that it is not about being fast, but about taking your time: appreciating the beautiful things, choosing things that appeal more than just our senses, and decelerating and enjoying them Experience. The narrative also highlights the distinguishing features of Tata CLiQ Luxury, such as the wide range of categories and collections, the seamless shopping experience in the app, the luxury packaging and the white glove service.

At the start of the campaign, Ms. Mohua Das Gupta, Head – Brand Marketing, Tata CLiQ Luxury said: “The new world of luxury goes beyond conventional norms. Consumers today are aware of their buying behavior and are looking for products and brands that reflect their value systems. At Tata CLiQ Luxury, we recognize this and enable consumers to discover curated choices that reflect their evolving tastes and appreciation for the finer things in life. With the # TheLuxeLife campaign we are bringing the concept of slow luxury to life and strengthening Tata CLiQ Luxury as a shopping destination for luxury and fine goods, where browsing is a pleasure and quality is maintained. “

Watch the film here:

The actress and author, Ms. Kalki Koechlin, said: “I always believed that you can’t rush everything you value and that it takes time to create something really timeless. That’s why I absolutely loved working with Tata CLiQ Luxury, a brand that has always advocated slow commerce and experiential luxury while delivering a seamless shopping experience. “

Bobby Pawar, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Havas Group India, said, “At Havas we focus on creating meaningful brands and conversations for today’s evolving consumers. Tata CLiQ Luxury was looking for a partner who had experience and understanding in dealing with global luxury brands and who understood the e-commerce sector. The challenge was to develop the idea of ​​”slow commerce” and to create an appealing, effective storytelling in the online shopping genre that is known to be fast and spontaneous and represents a completely new target group habit that is suitable for the online luxury sector . Havas Worldwide India’s film #TheLuxeLife with Kalki, who resonates with luxury, manifests this idea and makes Tata CLiQ Luxury the most authentic and most important destination for online luxury shopping. The other digital branded films are in the works and will be released shortly. “

Through careful brand selection, thoughtful brand stores, luxury delivery and unboxing experiences, and bespoke privilege programs managed by relationship managers, Tata CLiQ Luxury offers an unparalleled luxury shopping experience.

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