World Book of Records honors Miss World America WA Shree Saini for COVID-19 work

By Jyothi Venkatesh

The World Book of Records in London honored Miss World America Washington Shree Saini for her tireless efforts in the fight against COVID-19. Their efforts have been awarded a “Certificate of Commitment” and have been recognized worldwide for their efforts and tireless work in the fight against the pandemic.

Shree Saini’s official account went to Instagram and shared the news with everyone. She wrote: “The honorable Wilhelm Jezler, the head of all European operations, sent the certificate“ The World Book of Records ”for my loving service at COVID Relief. This certificate was an encouraging gesture as I have volunteered with hundreds of nonprofits. For this recognition I was nominated by Mr. Bharat Goradia ji. He called me to congratulate me on my social work. I am deeply grateful to him for being my mentor.

World Book of Records – Switzerland has launched a Global Pledge Campaign to promote security and universality against Covid-19. This promise is an effort to make our planet a happy and livable place for everyone. Shree Saini is linked to hundreds of NGOs around the world during this Covid pandemic. She has donated clothing, groceries, groceries and raised funds to help people in need.

Shree Saini thanks Ms. Julia Morley, Mr. Steve Douglas, the owners and team of the Miss World organization for inspiring positive change.

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