“Worry” when Prince Charles visits him in the hospital

The latest news from Prince Philip has caused “concern” among royal observers.

Today (February 20th) Prince Charles was visiting his father’s hospital in London.

Charles was wearing a face mask when he got out of his car and went into the building.

The hospital had said that visitors would only be admitted under “exceptional circumstances”.

This is due to the COVID pandemic.

Prince Philip has been in the hospital since Tuesday (Credit: Splash News)

Prince Philip latest news: Prince Charles on hospital visit

But the Prince of Wales was allowed to visit his father today.

He is said to have spent 30 minutes with his 99-year-old father.

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Philip spent five nights in the hospital after being admitted on Tuesday February 16.

He had been feeling unwell for a few days and was admitted as a precaution.

However, his illness was not linked to COVID-19 and Buckingham Palace has not released an update on his condition.

Prince Philip latest news
“Concerns” rose when Prince Charles visited his father in the hospital (Credit: Splash News)

What are the worries about the visit?

Royal commentators have expressed concern about Prince Charles’ visit to his father.

Sky News’s Jason Farrell said the prince’s brief visit on Saturday afternoon was “unusual”.

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He added that Charles “has not visited his father in the hospital on previous occasions”.

The other concern is that visits from family members to hospitals are generally not currently happening.

Farrell continued, “The other concern is that visits from family members to hospitals are generally not currently happening.”

Prince Charles entered through the back entrance of the hospital, where security guards met him.

The Sun said the Prince of Wales “looked grim” when he was evicted with his father after half an hour.

Meanwhile, social media users have speculated that Philip’s condition might be worse than it turns out.

One commented that he “must be seriously ill” for Charles to visit him.

Many others sent their “very best wishes” to Prince Philip when they heard of Charles’ visit.

Prince Philip latest news
Despite COVID rules, Prince Charles was allowed to visit his father today (Credit: Splash News)

New royal baby named after Philip

The visit comes after good news for the royal family.

Princess Eugenie, the granddaughter of Prince Philip, shared her baby’s name today.

She named him August Philip after her grandfather.

Eugenie also hinted at his hospitalization when she said he was on her mind when she made the baby name announcement.

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