Yasmeen Nazir financially ruined by Geoff

On Coronation Street, Yasmeen Nazir faces a traumatic recovery after discovering that dead perpetrator Geoff Metcalfe ruined her financially.

ITV soap fans watched for months as Yasmeen was manipulated, controlled and abused by the evil Geoff.

Geoff took Yasmeen Nazir for all her worth throughout their relationship (Credit: ITV)

He died trying to kill her last month after she was released from prison.

However, viewers have seen Yasmeen terrorized by visions from Geoff since Christmas.

The remains of his abuse remain, even though he was buried.

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And Coronation Street chief Iain Macleod has now announced that more remains are waiting to devastate Yasmeen.

She will soon find out that Geoff almost bankrupted her.

“We were very interested in reflecting on the real world experiences people like Yasmeen have,” Iain told ED! and other press offices.

Elaine will prove to be an invaluable support to Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

“Alya told her grandmother that it was over, but actually it isn’t. The psychological effects of abusive relationships can last forever.

“There is also the practical side of what happened to Yasmeen.

“We know Geoff embezzled money from Yasmeen and borrowed money on her behalf without her knowledge.

Geoff Still Injuries Yasmeen From Beyond the Grave (Credit: ITV)

Yasmeen Nazir of Coronation Street was financially ruined by Geoff

“Much of this will come home to sleep for Yasmeen in a way that threatens to destabilize her recovery from what she went through.”

But the Coronation Street chief said Yasmeen was having some fun.

“The Elaine story will be a ray of hope for Yasmeen,” he added.

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“Paula Wilcox is absolutely fantastic. Elaine played a pivotal role in the trial, and she will also play a pivotal role in Yasmeen’s recovery.

“They’re going to have a ‘strange couple’ friendship, and luckily for Yasmeen, it’s going to be quite humorous in places. You are survivors of Geoff and try to find your way around as doppelgangers.

“So there will be some easy things going on for Yasmeen, but overall it’s going to be a heartbreaking next chapter for her.”

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