Yasmeen to save Asha from Corey

Yasmeen from Coronation Street will soon save Asha Alahan from taking control of her friend Corey.

Yasmeen survived control of culprit Geoff and has slowly rebuilt her life and confidence since his death last year.

Yasmeen survived Geoff and will help Asha Alahan with Corey (Credit: ITV)

And next week she will see Asha experience the beginnings of coercive control.

After Nina gave her a choker for her birthday, an enthusiastic Asha wears it.

But her boyfriend Corey goes dark and insists that she remove it – publicly.

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Actress Tanisha Gorey explains: “At first it’s rather embarrassing, she wants the ground to swallow her, she doesn’t want any attention.

“Even after everything she’s been through with him, she doesn’t want people to see it. She wanted everything to be all right so people could see that she had made the right decision by coming back with him. She doesn’t want people to judge her.

“Unfortunately she listens to him and she takes it off, it’s heartbreaking for her.

Corey will show his true colors next week (Image credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Yasmeen saves Asha Alahan from taking control of Corey

“She feels like Nina is the only person who really sees her, and the fact that the choker was her and she’s giving in to Corey makes it worse.”

When Yasmeen notices what is happening, he sees something of Geoff in Corey and enters.

She encourages Asha not to let any boy treat her like this and tells her that Corey is misbehaving.

“[Asha] knows what Yasmeen went through and how vulnerable and scared she must be to be out, ”added Tanisha.

“The fact that she came over and had the conversation that shows Asha enough what’s going on.

“It worries her, yes, if it’s bad enough that Yasmeen comes to her and warns her about it, then there must be something in it.”

Asha knows Corey is wrong – and resists him with the help of Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

Things are set to get darker for Asha when Corrie producer Iain Macleod recently revealed a heartbreaking story for the teenager.

“One big story for next year that we’re laying the foundation for this year is about the younger characters of Asha, Nina, Aadi and Kelly,” said the producer Digital spy last year.

“You will be embroiled in a story that is incredibly powerful and will have a massive impact on Roy and Abi.

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“Essentially, it’s going to be by far one of the biggest things we do next year.”

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