Zack Hudson will be Sharon Watts’ brother, viewers say

EastEnders fans have a shock theory about newcomer Zack Hudson – he’s Sharon Watts’ BROTHER.

The soap newbie will be frizzling feathers when he arrives in Walford next month.

Is Sharon Watts getting a new brother in EastEnders? (Image credit: BBC)

But with the news that Sharon’s biological father Gavin Sullivan is being killed off-screen, fans think it’s too big a coincidence that the newcomer arrives that same month.

A fan said on the Digital Spy Forums, “I was wondering if this new Zack character that was announced the other day might be related. Maybe it’s Gavin’s son? Would give Sharon a sibling. “

A second said, “My thought of him was whether he could be Dennis Rickman’s son or his brother, but Gavin’s son could be a good call.”

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A third said, “I suppose they could remodel it so that Gavin will be exposed as the father of Carol Hanley’s other children, making them Sharon’s thoroughbred siblings. It’s a relatively easy retcon to swallow. “

Model and former Hollyoaks star James Farrar will play Zack Hudson, who is described as “charismatic”.

He’ll be frizzling feathers when he arrives on screen in Walford in March.

The Soap filmed Gavin Sullivan’s memorial service this week (Image Credit: BBC)

Additionally, soap bosses have promised it will be an explosive addition.

The BBC described him as: “An unpredictable troublemaker who lives life in the fast lane.

“As a lone wolf, Zack had a difficult childhood that made him decide never to depend on anyone or become too clingy.

Is newcomer Zack Hudson’s brother Sharon Watts in EastEnders?

“Forever the man of the ladies, Zack will be sure to pucker a few feathers when he gets to Walford.”

Meanwhile, James said in a statement, “As a born and raised Londoner, I can’t wait to bring my experience of a place I love and know to such a respected, longstanding show with such iconic characters.

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“Zack certainly has a very complicated past and there is a real depth in him that I can’t wait to explore.”

Finally, Executive Producer Jon Sen added, “We’re all excited to see James bring the character to life and there’s a lot of drama for him. Trouble is always just around the corner … “

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