Zakir Khan had to pay to perform for the first time; revealed in Discovery + ‘s Star vs Food Season 2

By Jyothi Venkatesh

Discovery + presents the last episode of Star vs Food Season 2! This season, few of the industry’s celebrities experienced a challenging battle while trying to cook for their loved ones under the guidance of a professional chef. After the graceful actress Nora Fatehi was seen in the previous episode, Discovery + is ready to present the King of LaughingZakir Khanin the last episode of season 2. See the popular comedian in action as he prepares delicious food while cracking a few jokes; ultimately hoping to treat his friends who were always there and looked after him when he was in Delhi!

In the final episode, Zakir Khan is ready for a different kind of crowd pleaser where he’ll try two dishes that are close to his heart. Kachhe Gosht Ki Biryaniand his hometown specialty Indori Dal Kachoriunder the leadership of Chef Rahul Gomes, Chef and partner Jamun, in Delhi. While he’s ready to pass his friends’ taste test, Zakir is more concerned about whether he passed the chef’s test. To his surprise, he turned out to be a pretty good student and received recognition from both the chef and his friends!

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Zakir Khan on the beginning of his comedy career “I wanted to be a radio jockey, so uske liye main Delhi Aaya Course Karne, so my friend and roommate back then – Vishwas went to a comedy show with his friend and when he got home he said you should do comedy because you got one gonna do a really good job. I was like theek hai dekhte hai. I searched online and there was around 500 rupees in entrance fees and we were unemployed at the time so I had to wait almost a year and a half to get that extra 500 rupees and in December 2012 I got on stage for the first time. ”

He added his struggle with his family when he started his career in comedy “As an artist, it is very important for your family to understand you. They weren’t very disappointed because I come from a family of musicians, so comedy was very far from their imagination and it was considered It’s shameful that we’re a family of musicians, but overall I think they understood that it’s an art form too … so instead of taking revenge and fighting with them, I explained to them what comedy is and how I work and how I work. “