Zeedan killed when his father-in-law shows up at Weatherfield?

Coronation Street spoilers for next week show Zeedan’s life in danger when his abusive father-in-law shows up.

Since arriving in Weatherfield, it has been evident that Zeedan made an enemy of his wife Mariam’s father.

Zeedan’s heart stops when he arrives at Speed ​​Daal to discover Hashim in a deep conversation with unsuspecting Grandma Yasmeen.

Is he about to pay the ultimate price for cheating on his in-laws?

Coronation Street Spoiler: Zeedan’s Big Gamble

Zeedan is terrified of his abusive in-laws (Image credit: ITV)

Days after he got home, Zeedan was beaten up by his angry siblings.

It was a clear message that Hashim would not let him get away with cheating on Mariam and breaking her heart.

But questions remain about the £ 50,000 he put into Speed ​​Daal after Alya was betrayed.

Zeedan has sworn that the money was the return of successful investments, but viewers are very skeptical of his story.

What misery has he bought Weatherfield and the fighting Nazis?

Dead serious

Hashmin and Zeedan
Hashim has sinister plans for Zeedan (Image: ITV)

Zeedan is busy making a living out of his life, now he’s back in Weatherfield.

He is undoubtedly working overtime to improve Speed ​​Daal’s profits in order to get some money back in his account.

When Hashim shows up, Zeedan has just been fighting over customers for customers in a customer battle with Debbie Webster and has learned some tough lessons.

The last thing he needs is his father-in-law waiting for him.

But Hashim didn’t come here for a discount curry and is pulling Zeedan aside to pass the law.

What does Hashim want from Zeedan and what will he do if he doesn’t get it?

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